Former Knesset Member: ‘For G-d’s sake! Leave the children alone! Don’t include them in Pfizer’s experiment’

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Former Knesset Member Moshe Feiglin Thursday posted a response to an Israeli journalist who criticized Feiglin’s choice not to submit to the COVID-19 vaccine. Feiglin’s post reads: “‘If Feiglin wants to commit suicide, he can do it on his own,’ Journalist Amit Segal answered in a sarcastic tweet to his friend, Akiva Novick, putting himself at the head of his colleagues in service of the worst of the ‘fake news’. Segal is no fool and I am sure that he has, at least, read this announcement:

“‘No less than 18 expert epidemiologists and senior, respected professionals in Israel, 14 senior professors and 4 senior doctors, demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that those who are unvaccinated present no danger to those who are vaccinated.’

“‘According to an epidemiological analysis, based on the most restrictive conditions and on data from the vaccine,’ explain these senior experts, ‘it is apparent that the vaccine status of others is of no significance to a person who has been vaccinated against COVID-19.’

“Why, then, have Segal and his friends decided to man the battlements in defense of this ‘fake news’? Why are they joyously and scornfully hopping on the steamroller that is bearing down on those who fear for their health and therefore choose not to take part in the Pfizer experiment? Why are they labeling millions of Israelis as a ‘mortal danger’ to all those around them?

“See, it is always possible to dredge up some other ‘scientific’ theory, and it is, of course, Segal’s prerogative to rely on such. – For every lie, it is always possible to find some gimpy leg (like the Mida’at organization, about which we will speak in a bit).

“But we are no longer debating the seriousness of the disease – or if there is a danger to getting vaccinated. We have here experts in the field who have come forward and have done the math using data from the Ministry of Health itself – and they have done this according to the strictest standards.

“This is mathematics, not some philosophical theory!

“Any citizen with a calculator can check the math – and I have not heard any epidemiologist who disagrees with their assertions.

“And questions concerning these ‘fake’ journalists only increase when we understand the significance of their united stance in support of this lie.

“The significance is that they join enthusiastically, gleefully, joyfully and disdainfully – in a terrifying campaign to divide the Israeli population.

“People losing their jobs, communities and families breaking apart, Pesach seders where only vaccinated family members are invited… Does ‘my dear little journalist’ grasp what he is doing to his people, without any scientific basis?

“Could there be ‘fake news’ greater or more terrible than this? Does this even matter to him!?

“Senior doctors and scientists are afraid to express an opinion concerning the vaccine. After all, the entire establishment will discredit them, their careers will be destroyed and all the ‘Segals’ and ‘Novicks’ and mouthpieces for the ‘fake news’ will turn them into outcasts and village fools.

“On the other hand – the mouthpieces of the establishment, who present the ‘real science’, have become the Urim and Tumim, the ultimate arbiters of truth. That is how the Mida’at organization has become the media favorite.

“So for anyone who wishes to truly understand the dangers inherent in the vaccine and what is the true value of the ‘science’ of Mida’at, I include in the first comment below an article by a leading scientist – who is both a senior physician and also a former researcher in the field of virology at Stanford University – which explains these dangers and also discusses, among other things, the ‘science’ of Mida’at.

“Like many of his colleagues in this dark period, this distinguished scientist fears to be identified – not everyone has the courage of Dr. Michal Haran – and this is certainly understandable.

“I checked out the author and wouldn’t have posted the article without having received a stamp of approval from two other senior scientists.

So, if you do your own risk analysis and decide to get vaccinated, you are fully within your rights. Under certain circumstances, even I say it makes sense; a member of my family did get the vaccine.

“I would not dare to challenge those who choose to get vaccinated by citing claims that they might be endangering the future health of the general population. (Yes! You heard correctly.) – There is, however, serious scientific basis for such a claim.

“People/citizens have autonomy over their own bodies and it is their right and responsibility to do the risk analysis appropriate to each one individually.

“But I beg you – get off the neck of those who have concerns, and therefore chose a manner different than yours for protecting their health – and there are good reasons to be concerned.

“Stop the fake news!

“Stop excommunicating and censoring scientists!

“Make all the information available to everyone!

“Respect the bodily autonomy of the individual.

“We call this – my dear little journalists – human rights…

“In this dark hour for human freedom in Israel –it is your professional duty. Stop betraying it!

“And for G-d’s sake! – Leave the children alone! Don’t include them in Pfizer’s experiment.”

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