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When I see a face without a mask, I always approach them and say, “it’s so good to see your face!” This always sparks a conversation with another freedom-loving patriot. From these conversations I learned that people want a place to have their voices heard and come together for encouragement, and the idea for our group was born.

In order to build a base of patriots we invited our local AFLDS physician to do a presentation for our group about Covid19. One team member took the lead to find a meeting space and reserved a room at a local community center. All the other team members pitched in their own money to pay for the room rental. So far, we do not have any sponsors, and all our efforts are paid for by our team.

Our goal for the event was to create a strong foundation of patriots that would carry the torch and share information within their families and inner circles. We allotted 30 minutes for visiting before the presentation so people could connect. We posted the event on Facebook and created a sign-up for snacks. One of our Facebook members was very generous and donated an abundance of items from her local bakery. We asked attendees to leave their names and emails so we could invite them to future events and remind them to join AFLDS and sign the petition!

We have plans to repeat this event in a neighboring town where the misinformation is creating hysteria. Before the event we have strategically joined Facebook groups to counter misinformation about vaccines.

Our team met to get organized and decided to:

  • Develop a strong base of patriots that are connected and ready to take a stand for freedom through the presentations from our local AFLDS doctor.
  • Build a network on Facebook to post urgent call-to-action items.
  • Connect with small business owners and let them know we appreciate the struggle they have had this past year and let them know we will support them, but we won’t do business with co-conspirators.
  • Counter misinformation by joining social media groups where we could post truth and commenting on news coverage posts with counter arguments.

Be Fruitful and Multiply: Expand Your Social Media Presence

Thankfully, word travels fast on social media, and our group quickly grew to 2,000 members. Folks in other cities would see our posts and join us. We were glad to have them but instead of hanging out in our group we would encourage them to copy what we are doing in their own area. So far, we have five groups that have been created due to our work. When we have a call-to-action item such as calling the governor’s office, the alert goes out to at least five cities. The response I got from the governor’s office about HB3 tells me that this tactic is working.

Small Business Owners: We Have Your Back

I read a report that 40% of all independently owned restaurants would be out of business by March 2021 due to covid(1). One business owner on our Facebook page disagreed with masking and shutdowns but was at a loss about what to do after reopening because she didn’t want to lose customers. She told us about a screaming match in her store between two customers where one had on no mask and the other customer did. The event was traumatizing to her high school and college employees so from then on she allowed no one in her store without a mask. Customers with disabilities that could not wear a mask were instructed to call in their order, and an employee would bring it outside to them. Although we can all appreciate the dilemma that this business owner was in, we believe that this type of business operation will destroy the future America. Our group hosted a luncheon for small business owners. The goal was to teach business owners the truth about COVID risks, masks, and the experimental vaccine. It was also to let them know that our group will support those who support freedom and the constitution, but we will not do business with co-conspirators. We report on our group Facebook page which businesses are freedom loving and which ones are oppressive.

David and Goliath: Competing with MSM

After reading reports about the pressure the military was putting on soldiers to take the experimental vaccine, I took to social media and joined some mommy-and-me groups located near a large army base. I observed for a few days in one group before making my first post. The comments made it obvious that these young adults were misled and scared by MSM news. When I attempted to speak truth to them and tell them that the jab was still in the experimental phase, one person sent me nasty private messages telling me how stupid I was and that I was a fake account. I continue to monitor the activity in this account and comment when necessary. It doesn’t seem like a fruitful endeavor, but I hope it has planted a seed that will grow. One positive outcome of joining this group is that freedom-loving moms joined our unmasking group.

Invade Their Space

Another tactic my group has embraced is responding to local news postings. There have been many polls from the news asking the community if they are in favor of unmasking Texas. Our team will alert one another to jump on the news page and weigh in with truth. People tend to get ugly on these posts. Keep in mind that the nasty comments stem from the MSM onslaught of purposeful misinformation, and any truth you share will create cognitive dissonance which is difficult to overcome.

  1. Chef predicts 40% of restaurants will go out of business (

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