Let’s Go to the Movies

Let’s Go to the Movies

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Do you feel like you are living through an episode of The Twilight Zone? This past year has felt like that for a lot of us. Many of us knew something was not quite right, but finding the truth through the propaganda and censorship is time consuming and exhausting. Fortunately, the producers of Seeing 2020 have documented the censorship and cancel culture that we all witnessed.

The film exposes medical censorship and reveals the truth. It is a valuable tool to reach our neighbors with truth and motivate citizens to resist medical tyranny and demand transparency within the medical community. If you would like to show this documentary in your community, follow these steps.

  1. Form a promotion committee within your action group.
  2. After researching possible venues appoint someone from the committee to scout out a local theatre.
  • Ask the theatre owner if they require masks. If they do, let the theatre owner know your group will not wear masks. I have found that if it is a private showing, they will honor a mask free group. If they require masks tell them politely that you will take your business elsewhere.
  • Check to see if they have good Wifi to stream the movie or if a DVD is a better option.
  • Inquire if there is a minimum food and beverage requirement. I have found that the minimum food and beverage requirement is too expensive and scouted a venue that just requires a flat fee.
  1. Once a place is found, the contract has been signed, and the deposit placed, create an event to sell tickets such as Eventbrite.
  2. The promotion team can engage the others in your group, asking them to promote the event on their social media pages and purchase tickets.
  • Post the link to purchase tickets on local, “fun things to do in your area,” pages.
  • Contact a local radio station and asked them to promote it.
  • Ask the promotion team and each member in your action group to personally send to 10 people on their friend’s list.
  • Invite action group leaders from other communities to attend.
  • Invite and offer free tickets to your local mayor and city council members.
  1. For the licensing agreement and promotional materials, email Adam Mariner, Seeing 2020 Director, at: [email protected]
  2. Arrive at the theatre early to greet the audience and thank them for attending.
  3. Enjoy the show, and encourage other action groups to bring the documentary to their area!


Access Seeing 2020 HERE

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Sharing a story can change the world.