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I was sitting in a coffee shop reviewing documents to send to a local school district regarding covid, mask wearing, social isolation and the experimental COVID vaccine. As I began my email blitz, I noticed that the coffee shop was filled with college students dutifully donning their mask as they approached the counter for their drink or the restroom for a break. College kids are known for blazing their own path, so how is it that they have become so “obedient” to mask wearing, I wondered. Why were they following a false narrative? What had overcome this generation that made them susceptible to ignorantly complying?

I found myself sick over the thought of these emerging adults taking an experimental vaccine, and I wanted to plead with every single one of them to learn the facts. That was when an idea hit me. What if I sent a flyer about the experimental vaccine to all their phones via Airdrop? Would they know it was I? Did I even care? I made sure my Wifi, Airdrop, and Bluetooth were on. I got the flyer ready and sent it out to the phones that were open to anyone. It was my lucky day. One of the open airways was directly to the owners iPad, which I consider a score.  Tomorrow we masquerade around town and my airdrop flyers will be ready to launch.

How to airdrop with an iPhone:

1.     Go to settings on your phone.

2.     Turn on Wifi and Bluetooth.

3.     Go to your Photo Gallery, and select the informational flyer you wish to send.

4.     Go to general settings and look for Airdrop.

5.     Click everyone who appears.

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