Freedom Over Fear

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A dear friend of mine reminds me that I am a total 6 on the enneagram scale. A 6 is defined as being the loyalist that is engaging, responsible, anxious, and suspicious. I was suspicious that there was more than a virus at play and anxious about how this could all turn out. Before covid cases crossed over to the US, I was watching in horror the atrocities play out in China. I saw people being barricaded in their homes or beaten on the street for not complying with a covid protocol. As a American living under God and the United States Constitution, my intuition informed me that we were headed in the same direction. I caught discrepancies on MSM and straight out lies from Fauci and governors. In my opinion this tactic was to keep people off balance and so exhausted that they didn’t want to invest any time into figuring out the truth. So, I did what I do, and I engaged people.

I invited them to mask-free events in my home. Those that were scared could sit outside on the porch. But you know what? They still came over because the need for human contact is great than the fear and somewhere in their spirit people knew something was not right.

I was shopping at Dillard’s one day and saw another unmasked face. I leaned over the clearance purses we were picking through and I said, “it’s so nice to see your unmasked face.” As we engaged in conversations about the masks she said, “these people with the masks on are just scared.”

“You know what I am scared of”, I shared with the lady. “Escalators. I won’t use one at the mall or the airport. I will miss a flight if I must.” That is what fear looks like: avoidance.

People at the mall who are looking at expensive purses or nice bottles of perfume with a mask on are not in fear. They are complying with a narrative to avoid being inconvenienced. In their spirit they know something is not quite right, but they became so discombobulated from the constant propaganda that they go along.

There is a time for everything. There is a time for silence, and there is a time to be vocal. There is a time to watch, and there is a time to act. When our freedom is being replaced by tyranny, we must act.

We educate ourselves, and we become the authority. Our knowledge empowers us to become leaders in our community. AFLDS is a gold mine of truth and legal and medical resources. Harness your knowledge and leadership to encourage others, and together we will reclaim our precious freedom.

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