Fauci Flip-flop: Vaccine Dreams of Facile Dr. Fauci

A week of false premises and questionable conclusions from medicine’s media darling

Los Angeles, CA – America’s Frontline Doctors’ (AFLDS) Fauci Flip-flop weekly roundup, is an ongoing record of the top flubs and flawed advice from President Biden’s chief medical advisor. This week Dr. Fauci continued to predict a viral surge despite evidence to the contrary:

  • Appeared on “Good Morning America” to warn (that is: scare) Americans about a possible fourth coronavirus surge. In reality, the number of deaths per day in the United States have been declining for months and are now at their lowest level since November, according to Johns Hopkins University.
  • Provided several interviews as well as his image to a hagiographical children’s book that includes “information on vaccines,” to be published by Simon and Schuster in June.
  • Refused to acknowledge improved public health data, instead opting to say that the US was “at the corner” of the pandemic – despite state-based testing figures which suggest natural immunity is rapidly approaching.
  • Speculated on a webinar that venues offering live audience performances such as theater, concerts, and ballet could safely restart in the fall, even though the live music business alone lost an estimated $30 billion according to a report by industry analyst Pollstar.

“Dr. Fauci continues to peddle his patented brand of pessimism in spite of the good news all around us,” said AFLDS. “Is this because Fauci and other technocratic elites are unwilling to give up the expansive powers the mainstream media invested in them? Or is the real reason behind Dr. Fauci’s frequent doomsaying his lack of patient experience and firsthand knowledge of this pandemic’s final phase? Either way, Fauci’s elevated role in this White House illustrates that there’s something sick about Washington, DC.”


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