Tom Renz, Esq.

Tom Renz, Esq.

Attorney Thomas Renz heads the boutique law firm Renz Law. Mr. Renz’s experience with the law began with his mentor, Nuremburg Prosecutor and celebrated international lawyer and scholar, Henry T. King, Jr.

A short list of other accomplishments include: being the only American to ever serve as clerk for the Honorable Justice Tarun Chatterjee of the Supreme Court of India, winning the national Trailblazer Award for Political Action, assisting in advocating for numerous state and national legislative and regulatory reforms. Mr. Renz is the Founder of Ohio Stans Up! And is leading a defensive legal assault on those in the state and federal governments who want to destroy our freedom in the name of the public health “emergency” surrounding COVID-19.  

Ohio Stands Up! released new state legislation on transparency in the COVID-19 era. “My family has been fully vaccinated to this point and I have not historically questioned any vaccines but the misleading nature of the response to COVID has made me question the COVID vaccine. Let’s make transparency in science the law so we can all feel safe getting this vaccine, if it is truly as safe as we are being told. If the other side has nothing to hide then let’s make it the law that they cannot hide it,” said attorney Thomas Renz.

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