Zelenko challenges informer rabbi to debate

Zelenko Protocol discoverer and Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Vladimir Ze’ev Zelenko today challenged New York Rabbi Elchanan Poupko to a public debate after Poupko tweeted to the New York Academy of Medicine, the New York Department of Health, and the American Board of Medical Specialties, calling for Zelenko to be jailed and his medical license revoked.

Dr. Zelenko achieved worldwide prominence for treating COVID-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine and zinc, finding that mortality dropped 8-fold with use of those two substances. He says treatment with hydroxychloroquine and zinc within the first 5 days reduces death rates by 85%. Dr. Zelenko was included in a group of doctors nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for their role in addressing the coronavirus pandemic.

Poupko, a blogger for the pro-COVID vaccine Jerusalem Post, tweeted a video segment depicting Zelenko uttering an expletive while denouncing medical tyranny with the comment: “Dear @NYAMNYC, @HealthNYGov, @ABMSCert: Can someone please explain how Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a threat to public health, still has his medical license and is not in jail yet?”

Responding to Poupko’s tweet, Dr. Zelenko challenged him to a public debate:

Dear Rabbi Poupko:

I, Dr. Zev Zelenko, challenge you to a public debate regarding your advocacy for COVID-19 vaccinations.

I am a father of 8 children and you have called for my incarceration and loss of medical licensure.

I believe you should be removed from any Rabbinical post, Jewish leadership role, and your Rabbinical ordination should be revoked.

However, out of respect for your reputation and family’s needs I offer you an opportunity to publicly debate me regarding these issues.

I feel your beliefs and opinions are consistent with idol worship, support child sacrifice, and lead humanity away from God consciousness.

May we all merit the Messianic redemption and the revelation of truth and God’s essence.


Zev Zelenko MD

While his treatment protocol was portrayed by mainstream media as an unsuccessful, dangerous drug regimen, Dr. Zelenko has been saving his patients lives with his Protocol since March 2020. “I can give you reasons why there’s resistance, it’s very simple. It’s called politics, profit, arrogance, and fear,” he said.

Dr. Zelenko did not stop there, however, but flatly called hydroxychloroquine/zinc efficacy deniers “guilty of mass murder“.

Rabbi Poupko did not immediately respond to an AFLDS query whether he intends to debate Dr. Zelenko.

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