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It’s time for doctors to reclaim their autonomy and begin to practice medicine properly.

Did you know that doctors all around the world are being silenced if their medical opinion doesn’t fit their government’s or mainstream’s thinking about COVID-19 and the pandemic? In this very disturbing video (below), an Australian doctor, who was being interviewed and was asked her opinion of the lockdown, couldn’t say what she thought or she would get into trouble. Instead, she read the opinion statement that she had received from the government, explaining that she must not say anything that contradicts the government or she would lose her job.

She reads from the position statement: “… any promotion of statements or health advice which contradicts the best available scientific evidence or seeks to actively undermine the national immunization campaign including via social media is not supported by national boards and may be in breach of the codes of conduct and subject to investigation and possible regulatory action.

The interviewer asks: “… you can’t say anything that goes against the the prescribed health advice right on COVID-19 and vaccination?

Dr.: “Yeah.”

Interviewer: “But that line that health advice is coming from a political place, it’s coming from a government it’s not coming [from a medical authority]…”

Dr.: “That’s correct.”

One wonders how she, as a doctor, and in good conscience, can continue to work under these circumstances.

This silencing of the doctors is one of the most troubling aspects of the Corona “pandemic”. As we’ve seen firsthand with Dr. Simone Gold, Stella Immanuel, and other of America’s Front Line Doctors (AFLDS), doctors whose thinking is not in line with the mainstream medical narrative are being told they no longer have a place in medicine; they are marginalized, delegitimized, threatened with losing their jobs (Dr. Gold was fired from her position in the hospital), and even with losing their lives. They are not covered by mainstream media except for being called quacks who are pedaling “misinformation”. That’s why doctors who are publicly speaking their minds about COVID-19 appear to be in the minority.

As hard as it is to be one of the few following your conscience, the real tragedy is that there are many more doctors, besides the Australian doctor who was interviewed, who don’t speak up even though they know that the vaccines are injuring and killing people and that the lockdowns and masks are dangerous and counterproductive.

This is a very troubling and serious situation, as the silencing of the doctors, and the apparent acquiescence on the part of many practitioners (including those who do believe the government and health authorities), means that the practice of medicine is being taken away from doctors.

In Israel, one of the most highly vaccinated countries, it’s been reported that the government is bribing hospital administrators to hide the truth from the public about patient care and went as far as to tell them not to care for patients properly so they could seemingly handle all their many patients.

“Under the agreement [where the government will provide extra staff], hospital directors committed themselves to not reporting, not warning, and not giving interviews to the media regarding the hospitals’ insufficiency with regards to the treatment of coronavirus patients in serious condition and with regards to other patients in serious condition.

“… a senior Health Ministry official said that in addition to the above, the government also made an unprecedented demand, for the first time ever, from the Health Ministry, “to drop the standards of medical care in order to say that we can handle the treatment of coronavirus patients and not enter a lockdown.”

“… “These understandings are not ethical and are not legal, and there are concerns here of [de]frauding the public …”[1]

Despite these serious implications, they have all agreed to withhold the truth.

Are hospital administrators fulfilling their duty to their patients and the public when they are they can’t speak the truth and do what’s best for those hospitalized? Should they remain in these positions if they have to lie and reduce patient care to do so? Should the doctors and nurses working in these hospitals continue working under such circumstances? Do they become complicit, also?

As AFLDS doctors can attest:

“Throughout the United States, doctors and nurses at the forefront of the fight against the coronavirus want to share what they are seeing and hearing with the public. But some fear that doing so could get them punished or fired by hospital administrators or medical-staffing agencies. Recent press reports document that many institutions have formally warned employees against speaking out, while some have already terminated various medical professionals.[2]

The Biden administration has heightened this fear by further politicizing what should medicine, by actively telling social media which doctors to censor for COVID “misinformation.”

After a UK physician was suspended for refusing to vaccinate patients, the Medical Council wrote to other physicians reminding them of their ethical duty on matters relating to COVID-19. “Doctors must continue to advocate for their patients by actively promoting the public health guidance.”

Even the BMJ (British Medical Journal) is guilty of silencing doctors, of not giving those who tell the “uncomfortable truth” a voice. After UK consultant Dr Polyakova’s letter to the editor was censored (deleted) by The BMJ, more revelations emerged about censorship and threats against those who dissent.”[3]

Hospitals have even have taken patients off transplant lists for refusing the COVID vaccination. One such patient, who had been waiting for a heart transplant, cited cardiac events related to the vaccine as his reason for not taking it. The hospital did not change their stance.[4] Another hospital backed off and decided to reinstate transplants for their unvaccinated patients after receiving much backlash.[5]

Doctors who at one time pledged to help patients, will now lie to and deceive their patients and the public, and submit to public policy and political directives, rather than patient directed care. How can medicine continue when doctors are no longer able to properly treat their patients? How have we gotten to such a terrible place?

It could be that many doctors may be confused about what their role really is. A report on mask wearing explains that doctors:

“… have a leading role in supporting the authorities in the fight against a pandemic. On the other hand, doctors must, in accordance with the medical ethos, protect the interests, welfare and rights of their patient’s third parties [sic] with the necessary care and in accordance with the recognized state of medical knowledge.”[6]

This presents us with a glaring question: Since when is it a doctor’s role to support the authorities? If they are supporting the authorities then they are acting as public policy advocates and not as doctors. The two roles are mutually exclusive.

For those doctors who are confused, the World Medical Assembly (WMA) leaves no doubt as to the physician’s role and obligations.

According to the WMA, politics and public policy have no place in patient care. Doctors are supposed to guard against this happening.

The WMA Declaration of Lisbon on the Rights of The Patient, which was reaffirmed in April 2015, has this as the preamble (emphasis added):

“The relationship between physicians, their patients and broader society has undergone significant changes in recent times. While a physician should always act according to his/her conscience, and always in the best interests of the patient, equal effort must be made to guarantee patient autonomy and justice. The following Declaration represents some of the principal rights of the patient that the medical profession endorses and promotes. Physicians and other persons or bodies involved in the provision of health care have a joint responsibility to recognize and uphold these rights. Whenever legislation, government action or any other administration or institution denies patients these rights, physicians should pursue appropriate means to assure or to restore them.”[7]

This means that physicians advocate for their patient, not for public policy, even if it’s called a health policy.

The preamble to the WMA Declaration of Cordoba on Patient-Physician Relationship from October 2020, reiterates its Declaration of Geneva, the International Code of Medical Ethics and its Lisbon Declaration on Patient Rights and includes these recommendations among others (emphasis added):

  • Call on Constituent Members and individual physicians to preserve this relationship as the fundamental core of any medical action centered on a person, to defend the medical profession and its ethical values, including compassion, competence, mutual respect, and professional autonomy, and to support patient-centered care;
  • Reaffirm its opposition to interference from governments, other agents and institutional administrations in the practice of medicine and in the Patient-physician relationship;
  • Reaffirm its dedication to providing competent medical service in full professional and moral independence, with compassion and respect for human dignity.[8]

How can doctors reclaim their proper practice of medicine and their integrity?

Here are some who have done this already.

AFLDS, from the start of the COVID-19 crisis, has demonstrated what the obligations of doctors are and how far they are willing to go to defend their calling by speaking the truth about what they see going on from the steps of the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. Despite derision, despite their website being taken down, they have persevered because their patients come first.

Another group of doctors who are now doing similarly, are the 23,000 German doctors (44% of all German doctors) who have stopped vaccinating. This is resulting in 11 of 16 states closing all or most of their vaccination centers, by the end of September, 2021. Vaccination centers in other states are running below capacity.

Even lone doctors, whose conscience won’t allow them to practice public policy, have taken a stand. Among the many doctors who continue to speak out publicly, not allowing themselves to be silenced are Michael Yeadon, Geert Vanden Boache, Sheri Tenpenny, Robert Malone and Vladimir Zev Zelenko, who have both received death threats, or UK doctor, Samuel White who quite his practice because of the lies.[9]

The only way for doctors to reclaim their right to practice medicine as they see fit,[10] as demonstrated by the above doctors, and as described by the WMA, is to reclaim it, en mass.

If doctors will continue to allow themselves to be silenced, or allow doctors who think differently than they do to be silenced,[11] medicine will continue to be subject to public health policy, doctors will continue to take their marching orders from bureaucrats and politicians, and there will be no more true health care. Medical licenses will become nothing more than a license to do as you are told by individuals who have other priorities.

There is strength in numbers. Now is the time for doctors to be strong.


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