Troubling increase in cardiac emergencies. What’s going on?

According to data that tracks emergency room visits across Germany, starting in early May there has been a significant increase in admissions due to cardiovascular reasons – with most weeks over 50% compared to recent years, this phenomenon has continued for the past several months.

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What is responsible for these additional visits due to cardiovascular reasons is not clear. However, it may be an early warning sign of a more widespread adverse response to the COVID vaccine. At about the same time as Germany’s vaccination campaign was opened up to younger people and had a significant increase in daily vaccinations, the increase in emergency room admissions for cardiovascular reasons began.


Similar data has been observed in a report that looks at ambulance responses in England. The spike in calls for ‘cardiac or respiratory arrest’ started, and has remained at a heightened level, since late June when the COVID vaccination campaign was opened to younger adults.


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Adverse reactions dealing with the cardiovascular system from the COVID vaccinations have been discovered and acknowledged by health authorities. Some of these authorities claim the heart conditions are very rare and continue to recommend vaccination without concern, while other countries, like Denmark, Sweden, and Japan have limited their vaccination campaign in some ways due to these cardiovascular issues. These cardiovascular issues tended to be more prevalent in younger people, with one study showing that boys in their mid-teens were 6 times more likely to be hospitalized for heart conditions after their second dose – than they were of being hospitalized from COVID. The VARES reporting system that tracks reports of adverse events, shows significantly more reports of Myo/Pericarditis among younger adults. Compared to the flu vaccine, reports of adverse events in general, and for heart problems in particular, are dramatically higher in association with the COVID vaccines compared to the flu shots.



It’s generally assumed that these cardiovascular events are rare and not a significant safety concern with the COVID vaccine. However, the correlation between the dramatic emergency room admissions, ambulance responses, adverse events relating to heart problems, and the COVID vaccination campaign can’t be ignored and needs further investigation.

The following video is a sad collection of recent media reports of numerous athletes suffering from this wave of cardiovascular attacks.

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