Previously healthy teen admitted with fatal cardiac arrhythmia; Tel Aviv Emergency Room Unit Director: ‘I know this boy was vaccinated and I know he had no underlying conditions’

“We shouldn’t force parents to vaccinate children, when we don’t yet have full data concerning vaccine’s safety”

Dana-Dwek Children’s Hospital (Ichilov) in Tel Aviv Emergency Room Unit Director Dr. Ayelet Ramon last week reported a previously healthy teenager admitted with fatal cardiac arrhythmia. “We resuscitated him and he is currently stable, but I know that this boy was vaccinated and I know that he had no underlying conditions.”

Dr. Ramon continues: “I am not whole with the fact that that I am not sure whether the Health Ministry will investigate this case and look for a connection. This is what I think we need to be promising parents, that these cases will be investigated, and that the statistics they get will be real and accurate, and to let parents decide for themselves.

“We should not be forcing parents to vaccinate their children, when we don’t yet have the full data concerning the vaccine’s safety, and while complications from the virus are extremely rare in children.”

Dr. Ramon was addressing the Knesset Committee on Children’s Rights.

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