New study: Only very old and sick die of COVID, regardless of vax status

How much can the COVID vaccine do to save your life if you’re already sick with other diseases?

That’s a question no study so far has answered conclusively (nor could a study do so), but a recent Italian study suggests that for those who are reasonably healthy at any age, the risks of dying of (or with, depending on who you’re asking) are minimal, whether or not you’re vaccinated (once, twice, thrice…)

For those who were fully vaccinated and still died, the average age of death was 85 and on average, people had five comorbidities.

For the unvaccinated who died of/with COVID, the average age of death was 78 and on average, people had four comorbidities.

Around 80 percent of Italians are vaccinated against COVID. During the period covered by this study, there were 38,096 deaths attributed to coronavirus, of which 1,440 were categorized as “fully vaccinated,” 33,620 as “unvaccinated,” and 2,130 as single-dosed or shortly after a second dose.

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