New Roamanmusic song: ‘I won’t comply’

Singer and songwriter Roamanmusic has produced a new work entitled Won’t Comply that has been circulating social media and translated into foreign languages as the message of non-compliance with COVID mandates resonates with wider and wider worldwide audiences.

“Despite the lighthearted tone of this song,” Roamanmusic writes, “I take this very seriously.

“I stand for Truth, *real* health, love, equity, sovereignty and freedom, and I am not ‘anti’ anything except lies, corruption, greed and injustice.

“You want to get the v? Go ahead! Get v’d twice a day every day if that makes you feel safer, that’s cool with me.

“What I’m *not* cool with is is giving away the power to make informed decisions for myself, letting governments, individuals, or corporations with questionable reputations and vested interests dictate what experimental concoction I must inject into my body to be *allowed* to live my life freely, pretending that all is well, keeping my head down and waiting for further instructions because don’t worry! Big Brother is taking care of it.


“I wish everyone strength and health, and I pray we can all get out of this nightmare as soon as possible.

“But not like this.

“Wake up. Stand up. Speak up.

“This has gone too far.”

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