Israeli People’s Committee report uncovers ‘multitude of malfunctions and failures during COVID-19 vaccine campaign’

The ad hoc Israeli People’s Committee to investigate the coronavirus crisis last week released its interim report that claims to have found “a multitude of malfunctions and failures at the administrative, ethical, and legal levels during the COVID-19 vaccination campaign at the beginning of 2021 in Israel.”

The Committee, comprised of doctors, jurists, scientists, and researchers from various disciplines, earlier sent a detailed demand to Israel’s Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit and Health Minister Yuli Edelstein, demanding they “halt administration of Pfizer vaccines due to the lack of a system for monitoring and following-up adverse events.”

In the new report, the Committee says it aims at “presenting and elaborating the main features of these malfunctions, which have led to severe damages in many Israelis in the short term, and sadly to possible future damages.”

They continued: “It seems that the entire country got caught up in a medical-social chaos, where the leadership has enabled a situation of fear and uncertainty to run its course out of control, and even contributed to its further enhancement. But most of all, we cannot ignore severe suspicions shared by all the committee members, that the fundamental sin, which led to the chaos and its casualties, is the way in which two very powerful personages, prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Pfizer CEO Dr. Albert Bourla, agreed upon a massive vaccination campaign in Israel that is unprecedented in scale and nature.

“A vaccination campaign that lacks effective safeguards for public safety, that is devoid of any concern for people who may be harmed by the vaccine, and that has allegedly guaranteed to encompass populations, for which the safety of the vaccine has not been tested (pregnant women and their fetuses), and later also children, for whom the need to be vaccinated is totally unclear, while pushing aside any safety considerations.

“From this exact episode, where both parties came to an agreement regarding the vaccination campaign, which involved a wide variety of ethical and safety violations, an unrestrained drama was initiated that has revealed itself to be impulsive, neglectful, and reckless. The agreed upon vaccination campaign concerns matters of life and death, yet is being conducted in an amateurish, irresponsible, and aggressive manner, and it led to the political arena taking over the medical arena and bending it to its needs, while paralyzing all alarm systems, monitoring measures, and open scientific discussion. Unfortunately, most of the medical system collaborated with this unsupervised process, starting with the higher ranks, and ending with field doctors – some actively, some by keeping quiet from fear of reprisal.”

The Israeli People’s Committee “is an independent and apolitical group of Israeli citizens, who vary in their worldviews and areas of expertise. Among us there are physicians, lawyers, scientists and researchers from a wide range of academic disciplines. The glue that binds us together is our deep concern with respect to the safety of the Israeli people and the fate of our country in view of the chaotic vortex, which was orchestrated by the Israeli leadership during the last year in the shadow of the corona crisis, and which the Israeli public finds itself trapped in.

“In the vacuum that was created due to the disintegration of all the systems of our country, we arrive at the understanding that the cure for all the (health, moral, social, economic) ills, which were brought by the spin of the irresponsible government’s management of the corona crisis, must come from the people. We therefore banded together a few weeks ago and established The Israeli People’s Committee in an attempt to of initiate a process of investigation, exposure, change, correction and recovery, and with the hope to encourage many other Israeli citizens to follow us and join our self-healing journey.”

The authors stress that “Our report is addressed not only to the Israeli public, but also to people all over the world. This is because of our impression that the whole world is looking at the Israeli vaccination campaign in envy. Since things seen from here are not seen from there, we find it important to explain to the people from around the world that there is no reason at all to envy us and also to warn them from similar events and their harmful consequences that may happen in their own countries.

“It should be noted that we don’t take or present any stand regarding the COVID vaccine itself (as long as it is being distributed to the adult population). Rather, we raise many questions and concerns regarding the manner in which the vaccination campaign was conducted in Israel. Regarding the recent intent to vaccinate children, we do hold a strong clear opinion that will be presented later in this report.”

The authors say they were “exposed to a wide range of severe wrongs caused to the public since the COVID vaccination campaign in Israel began. These wrongs are spread across all areas of life and are characterized, among other things, by total disregard for ethical codes and proper governance rules, ruining the foundation of democracy, and delivering a fatal blow to the Israeli social fabric.”

Detailing what the Committee calls “violation of medical ethics”, the authors found that “the ethical defense systems, which were built in the medical world over hundreds of years, were dismantled in order to execute one and only impulse – to vaccinate the entire Israeli population as fast as possible.”

Regarding “misleading propaganda,” they write: “We shed light on an intensive communication campaign, which includes manipulative tools that influence human consciousness in an attempt to make people decide to vaccinate without thinking or hesitating, while generating panic and anxiety on one hand, alongside far-reaching promises on the other hand. All this in order to satisfy and execute the impulse to vaccinate the entire Israeli population, at any cost.”

Documenting what they call “persecution, exclusion, and coercion,” the Committee points to “the unrestrained use of a very ‘effective’ means of increasing the response to the vaccination campaign – massive pressure that includes violating civil rights and denying freedom of expression, employment, recreation, motion and more.

“Allegedly this is an attempt to protect the vaccinated population, but in fact this is a tool with a fascist tone to weaken resistance and to push the entire Israeli population to be vaccinated, at any cost, even at the cost of destructing the democracy foundations and the social fabric in Israel.”

Under the heading “Scientific Discourse Control”, they write: “Our findings indicate that, for the purpose of realizing the compulsion to vaccinate the Israeli population at any cost, one of the most important systems in any country was sacrificed – the medical system. Like a virus that takes over a cell and makes it as its own until completely destroying it, so politics invaded the sanctity of the medical system and infiltrated it with a means of intimidation, paralysis of medical discretion, and silencing scientific discourse.”

Demonstrating what the authors describe as “paralysis of monitoring and warning systems,” they “highlight one of the most disturbing manifestations of the uncontrollable urge to vaccinate an entire population at any cost – the paralysis of monitoring and warnings systems, which neutralizes the ability of the Israeli public (and the world) to get a true picture of the side effects of Pfizer’ chemical preparation, unlike anything done worldwide. Or in other words, there is an ongoing attempt to massively disrupt the flow of factual information about adverse events following vaccination, without any considering of the heavy, local and global, price paid as a result.”

With an impassioned question, “Why should children be vaccinated?”, the authors say “Under an uncontrollable and unbridled urge, which loses any logical consideration and connection with the public, which completely ignores the overt and known dangers, some people seek to sacrifice children on the altar of an unsubstantiated scientific idea, and inject them with an experimental vaccine for a phenomenon from which they are virtually unharmed. We believe that this is perhaps the most prominent and difficult-to-digest evidence to what an uncontrollable impulse can lead to if there are no proper means of control to inhibit it, systemically and publicly.”

“It is incomprehensible how the ministry of health conceives the possibility of vaccinating the child population in Israel against COVID-19, when no study has ever been done examining the safety of the vaccine in children and the appropriate doses of vaccine to be given to children, and while all health organizations around the world are reluctant to recommend vaccinating children.”

The authors of the report include but are not limited to psychiatrist Dr. Pinki Feinstein, Adv. Irit Yankovich, Dr. Galit Zapler Naor, health and risk communication researcher Dr. Yaffa Shir Raz, economics researcher Prof. Eti Einhorn, and criminology researchers Prof. Natti Ronel and Dr. Ety Elisha.

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