‘I got ivermectin and I started feeling better the next day’: Real story of how Frontline intervention saved lives

“If you are out there and you have COVID, do not be afraid. You have hope, there are answers for you.”

Jeff and Jan Halcomb live in San Juan Capistrano, California. Jeff runs his own business. His father was a U.S. Army veteran and a doctor who believed in natural immunity and the healing effects of zinc and vitamins C and D. They spoke to America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) about their recent encounter with COVID-19 and why they counsel calm courage.  Jen relates: “One day, I felt a little off, and I thought, ‘I’m not tasting my coffee, what’s going on with the coffee? Does the coffee pot need cleaning out? Does the coffee machine need cleaning?’ Then I’m spraying my perfume on me and thinking, ‘I can’t smell my perfume? I paid good money for this perfume, what’s the matter with my perfume?’ And I had been feeling a little bit off, and all of a sudden, it hit me: ‘Oh, I think I have COVID.’

“Then I got the mother of all headaches for a day, and then I got the fever, fatigue – I was just on the couch, laid out on the couch with a 102 fever, maybe for five days. I’m a believer in fever, that fever is doing something in your body, so I didn’t take anything for the fever, I just let it do its work.

“But, after  I realized I had COVID, I thought, ‘Oh, I know about ivermectin, so, I’m going to start taking ivermectin and all the supplements that I’ve heard about that work. I did start taking it, and I really believe that helped me get well, because I didn’t have anything beyond the fever and the fatigue. I never got the chest congestion, I never really even had respiratory symptoms. Really, I started feeling well – I could tell I was turning the corner – just in a few days. Two days, maybe. I knew I was getting on top of it. So that was the right direction for me.”

Jeff continues: “I started feeling badly, and I was losing my strength, I had the week booked up with work, and I said, ‘Honey, I’m coming down with something.’

“Before I took ivermectin, I had a very high temperature, I had lost my taste, and I was feeling completely wiped out. After I started taking doses of ivermectin, my body just came alive. Within three days I was back, ready to go to work.”

Jen says “medical freedom is worth everything to me. Without it, I have no recourse of any choice that I could make for myself.”

Jeff credits his father’s visionary path as a physician with his own medical philosophy that ultimately proved itself well: “We were raised to value our immune system. In the 60’s, Dad was telling us about the importance of vitamin C, and later on he did a double-blind study in zinc, in treating the common cold, and that study was later sold to Proctor & Gamble. I think he was a little ahead of his time, he really spoke a lot of wisdom into our lives.”

Jen: “What I was thinking when my mother-in-law came down with COVID was, ‘I’ve had it; I know she’s getting it.’ She was the last one to get it, which was interesting to me. In our house, the oldest person in our house was the last one to get it. But I thought, ‘I’ve got to start taking care of her.’ I was just back up on my feet myself. ‘I’ve got to dose her up with the vitamin C all day long, and give her all the remedies and start her on ivermectin. That was my first thought, ‘I just need to get on top of her health.'”

95-year-old Shirley Halcomb describes her experience with COVID-19 and ivermectin treatment: “I didn’t get it full-blown, because Jen got to me very fast. I took all the things that she gave me. Within a couple days, I was fine again.

“I got ivermectin and I started feeling better the next day, and the next day, I felt like I hadn’t had anything. I got well fast. I’m 95 and I recovered. I trust my immune system instead of Dr. Fauci.”

Jeff: “We just learned of America’s Frontline Doctors, and I saw the video of them announcing themselves, and I think that’s awesome, I think it’s very brave of them because for whatever reason, much of the media does not want the public to know the solutions, medically, that are available to them, and it takes these men and women on the front line to step forward and go before the public and announce themselves; I think that’s very healthy for our country.”

Shirley: “I like America’s Frontline Doctors. They’re great, and they’re fighting for all of us, that we will keep our freedom. They’re wonderful.”

Jen: “I would put much more faith in doctors who are thinking for themselves like the Frontline Doctors than I would ever put in Dr. Fauci. I never look up things that Dr. Fauci says. I look up things that the Frontline Doctors and other doctors who are standing for medical freedom will say about how to treat ourselves, that’s what interests me.

“What I would tell somebody if they were scared about COVID is that I had it, I got well, my husband got it, he got well, my 95-year-old mother-in-law had it, she got well.”

Shirley’s message exudes hope and confidence: “You don’t have to be afraid. God is very, very special and He made our bodies to be able to react and to build our immunity up.”

Jeff concludes: “If you are out there and you have COVID, do not be afraid. You have hope, there are answers for you. God has given you a body that works. Feed the strength in your body, and get well. You can do that.”

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