Former Pfizer VP Dr Mike Yeadon: ‘Beyond reasonable doubt vaccination of entire population is predictably leading to substantial loss of life’

Former Pfizer Vice President and Chief Science Officer Dr. Mike Yeadon, together with Doctors for COVID Ethics, last week issued a rebuttal letter to the European Medicines Agency, after previous attempts to raise concerns regarding “serious safety issues with new technology vaccines” were dismissed.

The Doctors for COVID Ethics then sent an Open Letter which Dr. Yeadon says “was censored to an extent that can only have been accomplished by collaboration between tech companies & government agencies. We used a commercial news wire service to thousands of news gathering agencies yet none ran with it.

“Then the multi country suspensions started – citing blood clots, as we’d warned.

“After that, EMA gave us a longer, off topic reply, not dealing with any substantive issues.”

Dr. Yeadon continued: “So today, we’ve issued a detailed rebuttal and show beyond reasonable doubt that vaccination of the entire population is not only unethical, but is predictably leading to substantial loss of life, tragically mostly in people not at any risk from COVID-19, at this time young healthy females aged 20-50.”

The former Pfizer Vice President concluded: “I have no doubt that other populations are at serious risk. It’s just the 7-fold increase in fatal cerebral vein sinus thromboses that made itself impossible to miss.

“Lower frequency serious adverse events will be seen only when physicians stop looking the other way.”

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