COVID vaccine effectiveness at preventing infection drops into negative territory

The vaccinated are getting infected with COVID at a higher rate compared to the unvaccinated.

Over the months the effectiveness of COVID vaccination has gone from roughly 90% in early 2021 to 20% by June. Meaning the rate of testing positive for COVID among the vaccinated was coming closer to that of the unvaccinated. Some experts attribute this decline to the delta variant, others to the time period since the last injection. Either way, this led some policymakers to recommend a booster dose in hopes of changing the trend. This was predicted as a possibility amongst vaccine proponents including Dr. Fauci months ago.

What is concerning is that the decline of the vaccine efficiency has now entered negative territory according to data from UK Health Security Agency, formerly Public Health England. The data shows that across most age groups new infections are not just the same between vaccinated and unvaccinated, indicating that the vaccine does not show any benefit in terms of preventing infection, but rather just the opposite, that vaccinated people are testing positive at a higher rate than the unvaccinated. The data covers three weeks in September (weeks 36 – 39) and breaks down new cases per 100 thousand based on age groups. 


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The Exposé calculated the effect vaccination had in each group in the rightmost column. All age groups over 30 years saw the vaccinated getting infected at a higher rate than the unvaccinated, sometimes as high as 109%.

While this discrepancy exists in new cases reported, the opposite is true for hospitalizations and deaths, meaning the vaccination still seems to have a positive benefit in preventing serious illness and death. The question remains why are the vaccinated getting infected more than the unvaccinated, could it be that the vaccine has damaged the immune system, making the vaccinated more susceptible to infection, as some have warned about in the past? Will this help achieve herd immunity sooner? Will this emerging gap between vaccinated vs unvaccinated continue to increase? Regardless, one point is clear, this data contradicts the underlying assumption of vaccine passports – that vaccination reduces infection, when in fact it seems to be doing the opposite.

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