'By refusing to accept liability for product you actively promote, you concede it's neither safe nor effective'

‘By refusing to accept liability for product you actively promote, you concede it’s neither safe nor effective’

Rabbi Michoel Green today publicized his response to an invitation by his health care provider to submit to the COVID-19 vaccine. Rabbi Green wrote:

Dear Dr. ______,

Thank you for recent correspondence in which you eagerly invited me to receive the COVID-19 Dose 1 vaccine at your clinic.

You wrote: “COVID-19 vaccination is safe, effective, and is our path to controlling the pandemic.”

Kindly provide documentation (that I may share with my lawyer) certifying that you take full fiscal responsibility for any injury resulting from your “safe” vaccination.

If you cannot take any actual responsibility for its safety, I’ll disregard your invitation and will caution my entire community to do the same.

Moreover, I will advise them that you are parroting specious rhetoric that this injection is “safe and effective” but are unwilling to back up your claims. We’ll all realize that by refusing to accept liability for a product which YOU are actively promoting, you’re effectively conceding that it is neither “safe” nor “effective.”

Lastly, your enthusiasm to expose me to a product that you cannot even vouch for will indicate that you do not truly care about my health as your individual patient, but rather that your loyalties lie with state policies and your own profit margin that’s apparently dependent on the number of “COVID-vaccine” doses you administer.

Your lack of response to this letter will expose you as apolitically-motivated businessman who marches in lockstep with government, and who cares little about the individual health of his patients, rather than the kind and caring family doctor you always purported to be.

Thank you in advance for making this so painfully evident.

While I wish you success in your endeavors and personal life, I can no longer subject myself or my family to the risk of having you as their doctor.

Anyway, thank you again for your kind correspondence.

Have a wonderful day. And please stay safe out there from all the upcoming malpractice lawsuits and impending Nuremberg Trial indictments.


Rabbi Michoel Green

Rabbi Green previously issued an open letter in which he said the Green Passport “leads to nowhere but totalitarian tyranny with no return.”

In February, Rabbi Green was disavowed by the Chabad Chassidic Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch organization for his public stance on medical freedom issues.




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