Again: COVID vaccine infection reduction efficacy drops further into negative territory

It was previously reported that the vaccinated are becoming infected with COVID at a higher rate compared to the unvaccinated, and the trend is worsening.

Over the months the effectiveness of COVID vaccination has gone from roughly 90% in early 2021 to 20% by June. Meaning the rate of testing positive for COVID among the vaccinated was coming closer to that of the unvaccinated. This was predicted as a possibility amongst vaccine proponents including Dr. Fauci months ago.

However the latest data from UK Health Security Agency, formerly Public Health England, shows that across most age groups new infections are not proportionately less common among the vaccinated, but just the opposite. Vaccinated people are testing positive at a higher rate than the unvaccinated. The report covers the last four weeks (weeks 40 – 44) and breaks down new cases per 100 thousand based on age groups. 

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The data does not show the same trend in hospitalization and death; in both those measures the data still shows the vaccine to be effective. However, the public policy goal of reducing the spread of the virus using the new COVID vaccines seems to have backfired – now that the data shows a strong correlation between vaccination and higher rates of infection. 

The concerning data covers the age range of 30 all the way to 80+, with some age groups showing 128% negative effectiveness. The data has already been ‘normalized’ by the Agency to reflect the fact that many more people are vaccinated than not –  even with that taken into account, the vaccinated were found to be infected as much as 2.28 times more than the unvaccinated.

The negative effectiveness of the vaccines on new infections has been going on for over ten weeks in England, and the rate has been increasing with time and across most age groups.

The question remains why are the vaccinated getting infected more than the unvaccinated, the report suggests a number of reasons such as: people who are fully vaccinated may be more health conscious and therefore more likely to get tested. But it could also be the opposite, those who are unvaccinated would be getting tested more frequently due to requirements from employers, family, or other venues.  Perhaps the vaccinated behave differently in social situations, or some of the unvaccinated are protected by natural immunity. These might explain an occasional blip in the data, but the trend has been occurring for over ten weeks, across most age groups, appears to be worsening, and is consistent with a recent pre-print study from Sweden

Could it be that the vaccine has in some way damaged the immune system, making the vaccinated more susceptible to infection, as some have warned about in the past? If so, why has it not affected the protection from hospitalization and death? Regardless, one point is clear, this data contradicts the underlying assumption of vaccine passports – that vaccination reduces infection, when in fact it seems to be doing the opposite.

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