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Unfortunately, going to the hospital today and being diagnosed with Covid-19 often guarantees a one-way trip to EUA treatment, isolation, ventilation, and higher probability of death than the disease itself.  Dr. Fauci’s NIH protocols often include an elixir of lung sedatives such as Midazolam (commonly used in lethal injections), experimental Remdesivir (which is known to damage kidneys) and the Ventilator.  And additional treatment is also being put on an ECMO machine, more commonly known as an iron lung.

It is going to be up to you to refuse any or all these treatments

It is highly encouraged to download the PDF as it gives links to several relevant Remdesivir studies along with the FLCCC and Dr. Zelenko’s Covid-19 protocols.


If you are hospitalized and don’t have an AD (Advanced Directive) already pre-loaded in your medical chart or are asked to sign a “consent for treatment” form, have that consent form printed out, DO NOT SIGN the general electronic version.  On the printed version, you can customize its contents, crossing out and adding declarations as needed such as those noted above (NO VENTILATORS, NO REMDESIVIR, etc.)  Then sign and date the updated form and return it to the hospital.

Medical Advocacy 101:

Once hospitalized, it is vital that your Medical Freedom Army is activated to do everything in their power to get you out of the hospital.  Once a safe transfer and care can be guaranteed, the patient should arrange discharge from the hospital.  Depending on the patient’s status, an Against Medical Advice form may need to be completed to relieve the hospital of any liability.  Each hospital will likely offer services to patients, and it is every patient’s right to be made aware of these advocacy services such as social workers, ethics committees and hospital designated patient advocates.  The following attachment provides a helpful guide for navigating and communicating with the hospital and the patient’s associated care team.

Medical Advocacy 101 PDF

Effective Hospital Treatment Protocols for Covid-19

Examples of treatments to advocate for are listed below. Copies of these protocols should be given to your hospital providers AND all relevant parties and committees associated with the patient’s care (i.e., hospital ethics committees, protocol committees, patient advocates, social workers, etc.)

Make sure that these boards and committees are also being held accountable for neglecting these well-founded, safe, and effective treatments.

FLCCC Hospital Treatment Protocol (MATH+):

Dr. Zelenko Covid-19 Treatment Protocol:

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