By Dr. Pam Shervanick



As a psychiatrist, I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I am very busy right now.  Our world is upside down and backwards.  I truly love my patients, and every day my heart is permanently changed by hearing the stories of the struggles that burden amazing individuals.

This past week my last new patient moved me on a whole new level. On Friday, my assistant informed me that she spoke to a young woman who I had to see as soon as possible, and she made room in my schedule.  When we met online for the first assessment, I saw a very terrified, fragile soul.  This woman is 36 years old, married, and trying to start a family.  Historically, she has always educated herself on both sides of any pertinent issues she was faced with, and her examination of the COVID vaccination had been no different.  After doing her research, and with the support of her husband, she had decided that she would not be getting the COVID jab.  They both felt good about this decision and hopeful about starting a family, as sadly they had just recovered from a miscarriage a few months before.

Despite their logical decision, like so many people we hear about today, they faced acute pressure from friends and family for her to ‘do her part’ and get the jab.  Up until the day before she succumbed, both sides of her family had been on a relentless campaign to convince her that the right thing to do was to get vaccinated, despite her history of sensitivities to almost any medical intervention ever attempted on her body. 

This woman grew up on a small island in Maine.  If you are not from Maine, it may be difficult to understand how ‘small’ and close-knit these communities really are. Maine is its own little world.  There is a lot of land, but not a lot of people. The day prior to her vaccination, my client went to visit her mother on the island. When she arrived at her mother’s house, she immediately knew something was wrong.  Her mother, who is not normally a nervous person, and customarily greets her with happiness and a smile, was visibly shaking.  Immediately she asked her what happened and if she was okay. 

They sat down and her mom went on to explain that she has been under attack by the island community where she grew up for her daughter’s ‘irresponsible’ behavior. They told her they don’t want her daughter around and that she is simply not welcome anywhere on the island. The community expressed their anger that her daughter comes there, and played with their children, been at their shops, and eaten in their community. They believed this was potentially harming them all. Her mother felt she could not deal with the harassment any longer and again, pleaded with her daughter to vaccinate herself. The situation was painful. She left that day with a heavy heart and felt that her decision was hurting other people and that she had no choice but to succumb.

Despite her husband’s concerns about her health and ability going forward to start a family with him, the next day she went to her local pharmacy to get the J and J vaccination.  Again, she really didn’t want to get vaccinated. When dissatisfied with the informed consent she was ‘given’, because the form had no explanation, she began asking questions about the safety of the vaccination. She was told that bad outcomes in in healthy, young females who are fertile were especially unlikely and the reactions she was concerned about were extremely rare. The health worker delivering the vaccine told her she would be fine and in the middle of her asking more questions about safety, the needle was put into her arm. This was truly shocking.

For the next 30 minutes, my client had to sit through the waiting period before she was allowed to leave, and during this time the back of her leg muscles were cold and spasmed and she felt weak. These were sensations she had never experienced before, and she couldn’t really explain them.  After the waiting period, she left the pharmacy. Within 2 minutes of driving from the parking lot, she broke out in a cold sweat, experienced tunnel vision, felt her heart beating erratically and very, very fast.  She quickly became overcome with intense nausea, chills, tingling, and pain.  She pulled over and called 911.

On the way to the hospital, she strongly felt intense remorse and knew she should have listened to her body and trusted her instinct not to get this vaccination. In the ER, she initially showed an abnormally fast rhythm (known as tachycardia) on the heart monitor.  All of her symptoms, including her heart rhythm, kept coming and going in intense waves, and the monitor would rapidly change from stable to readings that were unstable. There was a six-hour period where the waves of her symptoms began spreading out in longer intervals. Both she and her husband felt exhausted and wrung out.  They decided to return home and hope that she would see improvement by morning,

Upon waking the next day, her body felt ‘strangely calm’ but her heart was racing again. She called 911 and went back to the ER. By the time she was put on a monitor, her tachycardia subsided, and she was informed that she was organically ‘healthy’ and just having a bad vaccine ‘experience’ and that hopefully, it would resolve within 48 hours. The doctor told her that she was so anxious around the vaccination that he thought it was contributing to her heart issues. In essence, he told her he thought her anxiety was the problem, not the vaccination.

Over the next 48 hours, she reported that she had never felt stranger in her body. For the following three weeks post-vaccination, she continued to feel ill in a way that she has never felt prior to the jab.

Throughout her life, she has been a very healthy person, eating a balanced organic diet. Now, her left upper quadrant (of her body) has remained numb and tingly because of the jab. Two times since getting the shot, the entire right side of her body has become numb and tingly. In addition, she has been spiking a fever of 100 degrees in waves which has coincided with fatigue, tingling and numbness in her body. Her normal baseline health has disappeared, and she is left chronically fatigued, fighting a constant headache, sustained nausea, and no appetite.  She must force herself to take in nutrients every day.  Because of this, once again, the day before my assessment with her, she again returned to the ER., only to be left, as before, without any effective treatment

She wanted me to share her story and my heart goes out to her.  We all must come together to fight this tyranny. People must be free to make decisions based on principles that resonate with their own hearts, not based on others’ fear-based reactions to propaganda.

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Sharing a story can change the world.