A Deadly Wager

Some things in life are really simple—so simple that it takes a true wizard of deception to complicate the issue. Take freedom, for example. A plain fact of life is that people enjoy freedom. To convince people otherwise requires great skill and cunning; but this is exactly what has happened in the last year. When the French historian Alexis de Tocqueville wrote about democracy as a potential tyranny of the majority, he was already intimately familiar with tyranny toward the majority. The French government was oppressive. In contrast, the freedom-loving American colonials painstakingly fashioned a new society based on an almost fanatical yearning for universal freedom and equality. This liberty principle was woven into the very fabric of the newfound American government. It has been our abiding light, and a beacon to the world.


Enter the 2020 coronavirus pandemic—and suddenly, everything has changed. Americans have shown their weakness to the world: we’d rather be safe and comfortable than free. The great Wizard of Deception knew this principle long ago: “So Satan answered the Lord and said, ‘Skin for skin! Yes, all that a man has, he will give for his life.” This was said of the most respected man of that time who feared God and shunned evil—Job. The Devil knows all too well the weaknesses of humanity and uses them to con us into self-destruction. His wager with God was that Job would surely curse God to His face if Job’s health was threatened. It’s no surprise that the same wager is now being made on a global scale. The threat of bodily harm has great leverage in achieving submission, especially in the form of a mysterious virus. For this reason, the last frontier of nobility, the medical profession, has become a most powerful instrument in subduing the free world into slavery…without ever firing a shot. When deception is strong, simple truths are quickly forgotten.


Job struggled greatly through his pain and suffering. The pressure was on him. His own wife told him to forsake his integrity, to get it over with, to “curse God and die.” His physical pain must have been excruciating; his emotional pain worse. But through all his torment, Job never cursed God. He never sold his soul. The Devil lost the bet, and the world was better for it. Today, we still have Jobs in the world. We also still have wagers taking place, perhaps on a much grander scale. Yet the central theme is the same: recognition and respect either of God and truth, or of the author of evil and the pursuit of control.


A simple life principle is that freedom comes from God. The corollary is that freedom takes flight in the absence of God. This rudimentary principle is so essential to the war for control that it must be attacked by those seeking ultimate power. If world dominion is ever to be achieved, it will require that the global masses be duped. Now, if asked whether or not the entire world could be tricked into submission, the average person would likely answer no. But who ever would have imagined a global obedience to masking, shutdowns, social distancing, and dangerous scientific experimentation through a so-called vaccination program, as a means of “staying safe”? Moreover, would anyone in their wildest imagination have regarded such idiocy as the new normal? Yet this is precisely what has happened. In the overwhelming quest to preserve their own health, these short-sighted fools destroy it.


Allow me to clarify. The current COVID-19 pandemic consists of a “novel” strain of coronavirus that for all its mysteries of origin and viral characteristics has a 99.7 percent survival rate. Any genetic manipulation performed on this viral strain is dwarfed by the manipulation of politicians, scientists and billionaire elites—the wizards of deception—whose sinister agenda has already done more harm to the world than any past pandemic. Have you noticed? Masks do not protect. Shutdowns have not kept the virus at bay. Social distancing has no impact on a pandemic. The established science has already spoken with authority, and it continues to be validated daily as we march through this viral ordeal. The visible evidence is before us all to see and touch and feel. But the data must be properly interpreted, and then appropriately acted upon. The greater harm by magnitudes has been submission to despots whose claims have resulted in just the opposite of their assertions. The more we submit to the pseudoscience of tyrants, the greater our risk to the very health we seek to preserve. If we continue to trust in futile schemes, then futility will surely be our reward. If we choose instead to respect the reality of natural law and to reject the chaos of evil, then liberty will be our heritage.


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